Positivity Project 19/2/14

Charlotte just posted some of the good things that happened to her today. We love the optimistic spirit. You rock, Charlotte!

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Every few days I am going to try and make note of some of the everyday pleasures to help me see the good in life.

~I cleared the (very awkward feeling🙈) air with a relative enabling me to seek clarification on a situation I didn’t understand and calmly asserting my own barriers.
~I took some ‘me time’ and gave myself a pedicure. 💅
~I felt calm almost all day, despite there being a few challenging moments I have been quite peaceful. 😌


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What made you happy today?

In one of our last articles, we challenged you to send us a list of the things that make you happy.
To read more about this challenge, please visit  https://positivitiproject.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/16/

Below is another wonderful submission that we received!

Things that make me happy:
The bag of jelly beans I found in the back of the cabinet
My dog I rescued from the shelter
Warm blankets to crawl under at night
The sunny weather this week

We love your positive attitudes! Take the PositivitiProject Challenge & keep the submissions coming!

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Submissions Make Us Smile

We have received yet another fabulous list submission!
(To read more about our list challenge, visit: https://positivitiproject.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/16/ )


Things I like today:

1. The PositivitiProject and all the hope and encouragement it brings
2. Cake
3. Being able to find laughter in the most stressful of moments
4. Text messages from my husband
5. Thinking about all this world has to offer the child I am bringing into this world in August


We love receiving your lists and hearing about what makes you happy! Keep spreading your happiness!

You can submit your list by clicking the “submit” tab on this website, or by emailing us at positivitiproject@gmail.com