Positivity Project 19/2/14

Charlotte just posted some of the good things that happened to her today. We love the optimistic spirit. You rock, Charlotte!

Being Myself Blog

Every few days I am going to try and make note of some of the everyday pleasures to help me see the good in life.

~I cleared the (very awkward feeling🙈) air with a relative enabling me to seek clarification on a situation I didn’t understand and calmly asserting my own barriers.
~I took some ‘me time’ and gave myself a pedicure. 💅
~I felt calm almost all day, despite there being a few challenging moments I have been quite peaceful. 😌


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One thought on “Positivity Project 19/2/14

  1. I decided to let go of something that has been causing emotional turmoil for far too long…my job! It’s a huge and scary step but I am worth it; I deserve to have peace and balance. I am looking forward to putting my writing, HerbalAromatherapy and energy healing gifts to use.

    I have not revealed this decision to anyone before this moment; thank you for creating a space for us to share. :-)

    Love, Peace and Blessings…

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