Here’s to more submissions!

Here is yet another great submission :) Keep ’em coming!

I have too many things I SHOULD be grateful for and not enough time to actually think about them. So take this contribution as you will as I think out loud and share my list:

1. I have a job. And not just any job, a salaried job. And not just a salaried job, I’m the youngest manager and the only manager who is not white. I feel so weird going to weekly manager meetings and realizing that I’m one of them. THEM! 30 and 40 somethings who have been in the industry for years and here I am 1 year out of college.

2. I am independent. I earn a living doing what I love with great people and I can pay for my own rent, utilities, and bills.

3. I am NOT engaged and/or have kids. I am 24 years and in no rush to start adding obligations and chains to my life. It may be great for others since it seems like every other week one of my friends is getting engaged. One of my ex girlfriends recently got engaged on her 1 year anniversary. Come on…1 year? And they say gay marriage ruins the sancitiy of marriage? Please.

4. To add to #3, I am free. I am free to do anything I want to in my life. I recently took a personal vacation to Phoenix, Portland, and San Francisco. Why? Because I wanted to! I wanted to travel and eat new dishes and experience new places! And yes, to drink absurd amounts of alcohol but that’s besides the point! I am free to act without the fear of hurting another person’s feelings or upsetting anyone.

5. My friends. I’ve never had a problem making friends. People always talk about high school and middle school being a nightmare and I was lucky enough to never have that problem. Even though I live in the city now and some of my friends have married or moved away, it’s like we never left high school when we get together.

I’d go on but now I feel like I’m gloating and I hate to do so.

So, I’ll end with

6. My health. I had a scare from a very good friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer found in the blood. He broke the news to me at a going away party for him (he was going to move away for a job) and I completely broke down. I hadn’t cried in years and here I was…bawling my eyes…out at a bar…and I couldn’t stop. Everyone was wondering where I was and what I was doing and all I could think about was “Why him?” Cancer is one of those things that you hope never happens to you let alone anyone else. Luckily, the doctors caught it early and he is 100% fine now, but I am forever grateful for my health, so far. As a smoker and a drinker, plus the fact I have not gone to a dentist or a doctor in about 10 years, I SEEM to be OK, and that’s all I can ask for.

To those reading this, I am not one to share my feelings often, if ever, with anyone. I’ve even gotten in trouble with previous girlfriends because I didn’t talk enough my feelings. But this has been interesting. I have never “blogged” before and this came out all too easily.


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